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Cafeteria 15l published 1 Offers.
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Average Price $15
Average Discount 50%
Minimum Price $15
Maximum Price $15
Ranked # 77 out of 132 American (Traditional) in Sacramento

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Cafeteria 15l received 65 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 3.0 Stars.

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Cafeteria 15l Yelp Reviews

Lisa H.

Cafeteria 15l Yelp Ratings
I find myself in airports often and more often than not I'm hungry. Based on that I was pleasantly surprised that the offerings in the Sacramento airport... Read more

Cafeteria 15l Yelp Reviews

Monica C.

Cafeteria 15l Yelp Ratings
As a frequent traveler, I find myself here about once a month. The bar is fine. The bar staff is friendly and they keep alcohol there. That's what I look... Read more

Cafeteria 15l Yelp Reviews

Adam G.

Cafeteria 15l Yelp Ratings
Was happy to see that this place was open in the morning time for breakfast before my flight because when I checked the time of operation in the app it said... Read more

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