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Furnishing America received 79 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 4.5 Stars.
Ranked # 6 out of 9 Furniture Store in Santa Ana

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Furnishing America received 474 likes on Facebook and 50 checkins.

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Furnishing America Yelp Reviews

Kressler N.

Furnishing America Yelp Ratings
After shopping around at nearly a dozen different furniture stores, I ended up buying my couch at Furnishing America. I went to big places like Living... Read more

Furnishing America Yelp Reviews

Matt M.

Furnishing America Yelp Ratings
First things first, check in on Yelp to get a 5% discount! The first time I came here, I was overwhelmed (in a good way) with their selection of couches. I... Read more

Furnishing America Yelp Reviews

Nora K.

Furnishing America Yelp Ratings
Minus 3 Stars - When my friends and I walked into this location, the workers there are pretty spacey and weird. The first time I went there by myself, the... Read more

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