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Gold's Gym received 26 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 4.0 Stars.

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6549 times people checked to Gold's Gym and wrote 12 Tips for the place.

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Gold's Gym Yelp Reviews

Ryan B.

Gold's Gym Yelp Ratings
Gold's Gym continues to impress me. I recently learned that I'll be moving to Boston soon and I'm sad to leave my gym behind. I honestly loved this place.... Read more

Gold's Gym Yelp Reviews

Andrew H.

Gold's Gym Yelp Ratings
I don't know about you but I hate the gym. I think of it as a haven for beautiful men with their rippling muscles, sexy gym shorts and the evil women who... Read more

Gold's Gym Yelp Reviews

Rachel M.

Gold's Gym Yelp Ratings
I am so sad that I am moving. I will miss this gym so much. I am not a gym rat but gold has kept me coming back for over a year. I am there at least 3 days... Read more

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