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Jimmy Changas received 51 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 3.5 Stars.
Ranked # 1 out of 11 Cafes in Pasadena

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3979 times people checked to Jimmy Changas and wrote 35 Tips for the place.
Jimmy Changas received 18132 likes on Facebook and 43069 checkins.
Jimmy Changas tweeted 808 times, has 396 twitter followers, and 307 friends.

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Jimmy Changas Yelp Reviews

Zamara H.

Jimmy Changas Yelp Ratings
We had to wait an hour for our name to be called and another hour for our food to come. I guess it was a little busy but this was unacceptable. It is loudy... Read more

Jimmy Changas Yelp Reviews

Kim S.

Jimmy Changas Yelp Ratings
Went to Jimmy Changas with some friends shortly after returning to Texas. Something is wrong with me and I cannot refuse going to eat Tex-Mex... EVAH! A... Read more

Jimmy Changas Yelp Reviews

Tee H.

Jimmy Changas Yelp Ratings
The atmosphere is Very family friendly. Food is good. (Consistently) The prices are reasonable considering the place is nice n the food is consistently... Read more

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