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Jimmy Changas

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Jimmy Changas received 64 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 4.0 Stars.
Ranked # 1 out of 57 Mexican in Pasadena

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4175 times people checked to Jimmy Changas and wrote 34 Tips for the place.
Jimmy Changas received 19272 likes on Facebook and 47397 checkins.
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Jimmy Changas Yelp Reviews

Eric V.

Jimmy Changas Yelp Ratings
I really want to love this place but I just can't. The salsa that comes with the chips is not hot at all. After a while the green one becomes a boring green... Read more

Jimmy Changas Yelp Reviews

Jessica S.

Jimmy Changas Yelp Ratings
This is hands-down my favorite restaurant in Houston, or maybe anywhere, for that matter! Wow, where do I start? Everything is so fresh and doesn't taste... Read more

Jimmy Changas Yelp Reviews

MC See J.

Jimmy Changas Yelp Ratings
My wife and I have been there twice now and we absolutely love it. I know that this restaurant is owned by the same gentleman who runs both Gringo's and... Read more

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