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Jimmy Changas received 47 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 3.5 Stars.
Ranked # 1 out of 56 Mexican in Pasadena

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4219 times people checked to Jimmy Changas and wrote 36 Tips for the place.
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Jimmy Changas Yelp Reviews

Richard K.

Jimmy Changas Yelp Ratings
Everything we had was very good. No disappointments at all. I drank a chunky monkey and are pork quesadillas, I'm full and happy . Good mex restaurants... Read more

Jimmy Changas Yelp Reviews

Mike B.

Jimmy Changas Yelp Ratings
This place is always hopping, and with good reason. The food is consistently good, the portions are large, the drinks are strong, the decor is top-notch,... Read more

Jimmy Changas Yelp Reviews

Ginger C.

Jimmy Changas Yelp Ratings
I love the decor inside and out, the food selections are delicious and they actually have a relatively long list of healthier options than you get in most... Read more

Jimmy Changas Yelp Reviews

Aimee L.

Jimmy Changas Yelp Ratings
Pretty good place for the family. Great outdoor seating by the playground for those who have children. The service is good and quick. The food is pretty... Read more

Jimmy Changas Yelp Reviews

Honey B.

Jimmy Changas Yelp Ratings
Great patio with beautiful fountain and landscaping. They have great food and salads (which is rare for Mexican restaurants) and good drinks and a nice bar... Read more

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