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Las Trojas Yelp Reviews

Jeremy T.

Las Trojas Yelp Ratings
I think I may have finally found yet another good place for Mexican since I am not like everyone else and go to "Rosie's" I was actually dragged here by... Read more

Las Trojas Yelp Reviews

Janice W.

Las Trojas Yelp Ratings
I have ate here before and it was a lot better than this time, I found the love singer to not be able to carry a note in his pocket, very ugh unpleasant.... Read more

Las Trojas Yelp Reviews

Tom L.

Las Trojas Yelp Ratings
We stumbled upon this place by complete accident. We recently moved near by, and driving past, I saw that the parking lot for the strip mall it's in was... Read more

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