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Limerick Bowl

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Limerick Bowl received 8 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 4.0 Stars.
Ranked # 1 out of 12 Active Life in Limerick

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4759 times people checked to Limerick Bowl and wrote 21 Tips for the place.
Limerick Bowl received 2 likes on Facebook and 219 checkins.
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Limerick Bowl Yelp Reviews

Mike J.

Limerick Bowl Yelp Ratings
Best bowling house I ever been to outside of Vegas. 48 lanes and after all day of bowling the lanes at 9p still have grease on them. The staff is super... Read more

Limerick Bowl Yelp Reviews

Johnny F.

Limerick Bowl Yelp Ratings
Nice alley, like the pool tables, avoid the ticket games if possible. Bowling is fun here, cool scoring, gives mph, sometimes on Saturday they go with the... Read more

Limerick Bowl Yelp Reviews

Anne C.

Limerick Bowl Yelp Ratings
Another stop of the party train - party on friends. The rum and coke here wasn't my favorite but the gin and tonic was! I had a sip of both along with a... Read more

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