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1489 times people checked to Matthew's 1600 and wrote 22 Tips for the place.

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Matthew's 1600 Yelp Reviews

Allison L.

Matthew's 1600 Yelp Ratings
My coworker and I came here a while ago to meet with someone from another area college. I'm assuming the fact that I was getting married shortly afterwards... Read more

Matthew's 1600 Yelp Reviews

Kelly J.

Matthew's 1600 Yelp Ratings
First, let me say the food here is great. I've eaten here before, both hearty dishes and light soup and salads. It's always fresh and flavorful. This time,... Read more

Matthew's 1600 Yelp Reviews

Brooke T.

Matthew's 1600 Yelp Ratings
I've always passed by this location, wondering what/how it was. A recommendation from a co-worker convinced me to try it out. Big 'ol sign that can't be... Read more

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