Nantucket Bucket

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Nantucket Bucket received 26 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 3.5 Stars.
Ranked # 5 out of 9 Bars in Safety Harbor

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365 times people checked to Nantucket Bucket and wrote 14 Tips for the place.

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Nantucket Bucket Yelp Reviews

Mark H.

Nantucket Bucket Yelp Ratings
Alright, I have update my rating for The Bucket. Me and La Chica have been back a fistful of times since our initial visit almost one year ago, and the... Read more

Nantucket Bucket Yelp Reviews

Kelleigh M.

Nantucket Bucket Yelp Ratings
The hubby and I went through my yelp bookmarks on a Friday night to decide which new restaurant we wanted to try. We were in the mood for Safety... Read more

Nantucket Bucket Yelp Reviews

Beth S.

Nantucket Bucket Yelp Ratings
After living in Safety Harbor for a solid 10 months and constantly passing by this place, we finally decided to give it a go on Valentine's Day and have... Read more

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