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Rinconcito Mexicano

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Rinconcito Mexicano received 52 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 3.5 Stars.
Ranked # 5 out of 32 Restaurants in Odenton

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269 times people checked to Rinconcito Mexicano and wrote 6 Tips for the place.
Rinconcito Mexicano received 11 likes on Facebook and 214 checkins.

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Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Reviews

Jackie L.

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Ratings
Watch your check! A few months back me and a group of 3 went to this restaurant. My husband trying to pay for everyone didn't look at the check and... Read more

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Reviews

Marc R.

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Ratings
I saw all the low star ratings for "bland food" and felt the need to straighten this out. I grew up in Texas. My stepfather is Mexican so I grew up eating... Read more

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Reviews

Jesse A.

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Ratings
Good but not great. The carnitas tacos are good but the chile rellenos were below average. Everything came out hot and the portions are pretty large but you... Read more

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