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Rinconcito Mexicano

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Rinconcito Mexicano received 38 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 3.5 Stars.
Ranked # 5 out of 32 Restaurants in Odenton

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276 times people checked to Rinconcito Mexicano and wrote 6 Tips for the place.
Rinconcito Mexicano received 11 likes on Facebook and 200 checkins.

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Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Reviews

Michael H.

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Ratings
After relocating from south florida We've been searching for a Mexican restaurant that could compare to our favorite place in Florida..this was recommended... Read more

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Reviews

Puneet M.

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Ratings
Just as the 3 stars states, its ok, but not outstanding, but, it's not all bad I was pleased with a lot of things at Rinconcito Mexicano, but many other... Read more

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Reviews

Sid P.

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Ratings
Simply outstanding! Pozole was flavorful and not "salty". Most places try to cover up their lack of flavor with salt. Huge chunks of tender pork and an... Read more

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