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Rinconcito Mexicano

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Rinconcito Mexicano received 70 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 3.5 Stars.
Ranked # 5 out of 32 Restaurants in Odenton

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309 times people checked to Rinconcito Mexicano and wrote 7 Tips for the place.
Rinconcito Mexicano received 11 likes on Facebook and 199 checkins.

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Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Reviews

Chelsea C.

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Ratings
I am not a fan of Mexican, ask both my mom and my dad and they'll agree. But mi casita is the accept ion to it. Their chicken fajitas and rice are... Read more

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Reviews

Jordan K.

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Ratings
As soon as you enter bam the bar! Wish it was happy hour but I was on a mission for some carne asada. The restaurant was clean with plenty of seating as... Read more

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Reviews

Stephanie A.

Rinconcito Mexicano Yelp Ratings
Over priced food menu . Happy hour drinks are alright on prices. Beef and steak are cooked alright. I feel like since they are so over priced it should of... Read more

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