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2758 Likes | 21 Reviews | 11831 Checkins
Ranked # 3 out of 29 Restaurant in Chesterfield

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2935 times people checked to Syberg's and wrote 22 Tips for the place.
Syberg's received 2758 likes on Facebook and 8896 checkins.
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Syberg's Yelp Reviews

Patt C.

Syberg's Yelp Ratings
My college chum and I went for lunch after a grueling 30 minutes of shopping at the outlet mall. We both only have so much tolerance for shopping. We were... Read more

Syberg's Yelp Reviews

Jennifer K.

Syberg's Yelp Ratings
We recently made two return visit to Syberg's Chesterfield after a year+ hiatus. Our original experience had been not so great, but figured after such a... Read more

Syberg's Yelp Reviews

Matt W.

Syberg's Yelp Ratings
Average quality and service. Wasn't horrible but wasn't great. Food was good but over priced a tad. Nothing to expensive, but poor quality. Read more

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