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2759 Likes | 14 Reviews | 11616 Checkins
Ranked # 3 out of 29 Restaurant in Chesterfield

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2942 times people checked to Syberg's and wrote 22 Tips for the place.
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Syberg's Yelp Reviews

Melinda G.

Syberg's Yelp Ratings
Our go to place for wings after the boys ballgames! Read more

Syberg's Yelp Reviews

Ben S.

Syberg's Yelp Ratings
I was "that guy" who walks in with the family right before closing time the first time we visited this place. We had set out to go somewhere else but they... Read more

Syberg's Yelp Reviews

Dustin O.

Syberg's Yelp Ratings
I think most people are either going to love or hate Syberg's. Personally I think their Syberg's sauce taste like licking dirt... but their buffalo sauce... Read more

Syberg's Yelp Reviews

Aaron W.

Syberg's Yelp Ratings
This is the best restaurant in this class by far. Not overly priced, large enough meals, great happy hour specials, and by far the best overall menu I have... Read more

Syberg's Yelp Reviews

James R.

Syberg's Yelp Ratings
I walked in there with a group of 7; my family plus some in-laws. We figured it would be busy on a Saturday night, so an hour wait to seat us was with in... Read more

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