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2 Offers | 32 Reviews | 2482 Checkins
Tavro 13 published 2 Offers.
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Average Price $20
Average Discount 50%
Minimum Price $20
Maximum Price $20

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Tavro 13 received 30 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 4.0 Stars.
Tavro 13 received 2 reviews on CitySearch with average ratings of 0 Stars.

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387 times people checked to Tavro 13 and wrote 10 Tips for the place.
Tavro 13 received 165 likes on Facebook and 2095 checkins.
Tavro 13 tweeted 337 times, has 256 twitter followers, and 295 friends.

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Tavro 13 Yelp Reviews

Henry B.

Tavro 13 Yelp Ratings
Excellent food. Great management Great family friendly atmosphere. Other restaurants need to get on their level. I introduced myself to the owner. I... Read more

Tavro 13 Yelp Reviews

Michael S.

Tavro 13 Yelp Ratings
When it was just Tavro13 and not the Red Hen Hybrid, I loved it. Haven't been to the Tavro section since the Hen opened but the food was on point before. I... Read more

Tavro 13 Yelp Reviews

Kathleen D.

Tavro 13 Yelp Ratings
I'm disappointed, but not too surprised. It's Swedesboro, after all. Most of my dining experiences in Swedesboro throughout the years have been subpar at... Read more

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Tavro 13 CitySearch Review
Tavro 13 CitySearch Ratings
The food at Tavro13 was Outstanding and the prices were reasonable.\r Great service. (1) Burger Read more

Tavro 13 CitySearch Review
Tavro 13 CitySearch Ratings
Waited to be seated and tables were empty. Food service was slow. (1) Burger: Meat underdone and dry Read more
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