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Tokyo One received 272 reviews on Yelp with average ratings of 3.5 Stars.

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2258 times people checked to Tokyo One and wrote 38 Tips for the place.
Tokyo One received 593 likes on Facebook and 19056 checkins.

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Tokyo One Yelp Reviews

Miguel H.

Tokyo One Yelp Ratings
This is the best Asian Buffet I have ever been to, hands down. Get the salmon steaks, I love love love love Salmon! It is so good. They sure know how... Read more

Tokyo One Yelp Reviews

Simon R.

Tokyo One Yelp Ratings
Considering the $$ charged for this all you can eat buffet, Tokyo One should be much more consistent with its food and service. There were times that I... Read more

Tokyo One Yelp Reviews

Steve S.

Tokyo One Yelp Ratings
This is the best lunch $20 can buy on the planet, period, bar none. There is something here for everyone, and it ranges from good to great: - dozens of... Read more

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